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About the Magic of Math
The Magic of Math.

The Magic of Math site is an initiative of the Akamai Foundation. The Magic of Math site aims to provide a forum to communicate and share the delight of mathematics with children (K-12). We hope to foster an enjoyment and pursuit of mathematics knowledge by providing interesting and fun mathematics content, offering kids a chance to speak with math "whizzes", and encouraging math creativity.

In addition to sponsoring The Magic of Math site, The Akamai Foundation fosters and supports a wide variety of mathematics initiatives. The Akamai Foundation is committed to communicating the importance of mathematics in children's education and in their career choices.

The Akamai Foundation is a proud sponsor of the prestigious US Math Olympiad and the International Math Olympiad. The US Math Olympiad gathers the top 180 US high school students who compete to solve 6 difficult pre-calculus problems. The top six winners from that competition attend The International Math Olympiad, which brings the 500 most talented mathematics students from over 80 countries to participate in an intense two-day competition.

Akamai Technologies is very proud to count two first place US Math Olympiad winners as employees: Robert Kleinberg and Reid Barton. In addition, another Akamai Employee, Michel Goemans, is a recent winner of the Fulkerson Prize, one of the top honors in the field of mathematics.

Why is Akamai Technologies focused on the importance of mathematics? Akamai Technologies is a company based upon mathematical innovation. Akamai Tehnologies feels a sense of responsibility toward America's pursuit of technological excellence. Therefore, we created a foundation dedicated to excellence in mathematics, in the hopes that we can encourage America's next generation of technology innovators.

Akamai Technologies uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to enable businesses to prosper in a competitive Web-centric marketplace by optimizing Web site performance, delivering broadcast-caliber streaming media, and providing interactive application services.

Read more about Akamai Technologies' mathematical roots.

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